The Ashen Keys


Saturday 2 March 2024    
7:30pm - 10:30pm

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The Ashen Keys are a multi-instrumental, multi-voiced celebration of heartfelt storytelling heralding from east Kent. The trio brings together Hannah Ellerby (vocals, violin, oboe and ukulele), Rachel Lowrie (vocals, guitar, ukulele and clarinet), and Vicky Price (vocals, French horn, accordion) – and their sound tells of influences from folk, blues, pop, classical and even early music. Expect to be taken on a journey through dark folk tales, bittersweet love stories and reveries on nature, all with lashings of vocal harmonies and unique instrumentation.

In support, there’ll be a short mid-evening selection of songs from outstanding local singer-songwriter Angel McCarron with her delightful ‘girl-next-door’ stage presence.

From 7.30 pm until 8.10 pm, we’re open to lively floor spots. We welcome singers, musicians, poets, and spoken word artists. Please come early if you’d like to do a turn. The guests are due to play the 1st of their 2 sets at 8.15.

Payment for the guests will be by hat collection in CASH. The suggested minimum contribution is £6, but please give a bit more if you can afford it.

The club premises and CAMRA award-winning bar will be open on the day from 7.00pm. It’s CARD payment only. Entry is free to OLC members and £1 for non-members.