Real Ale and Cider Festival

Our last Real Ale and Cider Festival was held on Friday 15th October, Saturday 16th October and Sunday 17th October 2021. We hope to run the next one in Spring 2022.


Pale Beers [Main Bar]:

  • Craft Beer Man Orange Pale 4.0% (LocAle) CBM2 Orange Pale Ale has been created for those seeking an easy drinking pale ale with a refreshing citrus hit. Showcasing the exciting Mandarina Bavaria hop, CBM2 provides a thirst quenching punch of orange and a gentle twist of hops. Perfect for hot summer days or whiling away the winter, dreaming of warmer climates. Brewed in Knockholt.
  • Tonbridge Capel Pale Green Hop 4.5% (LocAle) Our original “Green Hop” ale. Brewed with fresh Pilgrim hops, picked on the day of brewing from Reeds Farm in Capel, one of our local hop gardens. This hop provides an intense citrus and honey flavour.

Other Beers [Main Bar]:

  • Koomor Trunk Bitter 3.8% (LocAle) Kentish Session Bitter. Easy drinking amber ale with nutty and caramel undertones. Hints of toffee, lemon and tea. Brewed in Dartford.
  • Elephant School Aussie Blonde 4.0% (LocAle) Australian hopped blonde beer.
  • Musket Flash In The Pan Green Hop Golden 4.0% (LocAle) Flash In The Pan is a Green Hopped Golden Ale with infused aromas of floral, honey, spice and blackcurrant, with a pleasantly dry, lingering, after taste.
  • Heritage St Modwen’s 4.2% The patron saint of Burton upon Trent, St. Modwen was a 7th century nun who founded the Burton upon Trent abbey where it is said that beer was brewed and she produced miracles with the Burton well water. A crisp and refreshing blonde beer, not too bitter with a subtle malted wheat biscuit taste.

Brown Beers [Festival Bar]:

  • Constellation Draco Bitter 4.2% (LocAle)Draco is a traditional bitter, 4.2%, copper in colour using a blend of only the best British hops. It’s a subtle flavour with a slight spicy note.
  • Billericay Mill Meadows Red Ale 4.2% (LocAle) Rich malty flavours in this ruby red ale brewed for our local meadows.
  • New River Pumped Up 4.2% A deep amber ale with low bitterness – emphasis on mellow caramel malts. We put 20 Kg of baked pumpkin pulp into the mash and add pumpkin pie spices (in modest quantities) to the boil. The end product is a subtly spiced deep amber coloured beer, slightly warming, with hints of pumpkin.
  • Portobello Star 4.3% (LocAle) A smooth, balanced bitter. Brewed with traditional English hop and malt varieties, Star is our take on the classic British bitter, with a modern approach to brewing technique & ingredient sourcing. Aromas of nuts and winter berries combine with biscuit, caramel malt notes for an ale with herbal freshness & pleasing bitter finish.
  • Pot Belly Hedonism Bitter 4.5% A light coloured bitter with a citrus hoppy flavour, brewed to give a lifting, but not overpowering flavour.
  • Twickenham Mysteries Of The Galaxy Golden 4.5% (LocAle) A fruity Golden Ale brewed with Enigma and Galaxy hops.
  • Brentwood Chockwork Orange Old Ale 6.5% (LocAle) A deep chocolate, malty beer brewed with oranges to give it a background citrus bitterness and matured to create a classic ‘old ale’ style.

Dark Beers [Festival Bar]:

  • White Horse Black Beauty 3.9% Dark ruby, toffee and caramel malt, Bobek and First Gold hops
  • Mighty Oak Old Man & The Sea Stout 4.1% Rich black creamy stout with satisfying malt flavours of espresso coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of dark fruit.
  • Titanic Plum Porter 4.9% Plum Porter is our infamous, strong, dark porter that has re-defined the sector. By combining the sweetness of plums with the hoppy flavour of a porter we have bagged a winner.
  • Marlix ‘Video Nasty’ Cinder Toffee Stout 5.0% (LocAle) Crunchie bars in beer form, you say? Dark and rich stout flavour, creaminess from lactose, and a sweet, honeycomb undertone from loads of finest cinder toffee. Perfect beer for this time of year? We think so – Brewed in Petts Wood.
  • Gadds Black Pearl Stout 6.2% Roasted barley, malted oats and Kent-grown Fuggles hops combine to create this luscious, bible-black stout. First brewed for the Eddie Gilbert seafood restaurant and now brewed in honour of its founder, our friend Jonny Dunhill. 
  • Milton Marcus Aurelius Roman Stout 7.5% Imperial Roman Stout – an enormous, luscious and velvety stout. Bursting with dark, roasty flavour with an underlying vanilla richness.

LocAle is a CAMRA term signifying real ale from breweries within 30 miles of the club.

Kegs [Main Bar]:

  • Craft Beer Man Helles Lager 4.0% (Local) A Helles style Lager brewed to the German purity laws. With its citrus notes, it is gluten-free and vegan friendly. Brewed in Knockholt.
  • Five Points JUPA Keg 5.5% JUPA is a juicy, fruity Pale Ale, hopped with Simcoe in the boil and dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic, JUPA has bold, juicy citrus flavours and a tropical fruit character bursting with pineapple, mango and papaya. It was brewed with a touch of wheat and oats for a silky malt backbone, allowing the West Coast hops to shine.

Ciders [Main Bar]:

  • Turners Apple Pie 4.0% Flavoured with spices and sweetened with fresh apple juice.
  • Turners Rhubarb 4.0% Blended with fresh-pressed Kentish rhubarb a very refreshing cider.
  • Turners Gold 4.0% A blend of our cider, back-sweetened with the fresh apple juice from a variety of apple called Cheerfull Gold. This juice is sweet and nectar-like and gives the cider a wonderful rounded and full-bodied flavour.
  • Turners Medium 5.0% Still, cloudy, naturally sweetened with fresh-pressed apple juice, giving a full, fruit flavour. Unfiltered.
  • Turners Elderflower 5.5% Still, fruity and floral, naturally sweetened with
    elderflower syrup. Unfiltered. Best Kent Cider, Taste of Kent Awards 2018 and Silver Medal at the British Cider Championships, Royal Bath & West Show, 2017
  • Turners Pear 5.5% Made with a careful blend of fresh juice of Conference and Comice Pears with a dash of Bramley Apple Cider.
  • Turners Dry 7.0% Still, light, crisp cider with high acidity and low sweetness. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Very Highly Commended at the British Cider Championships, Royal Bath & West Show, 2015
  • Turners Single Variety Russet 8.0% Still, big and full flavoured. Medium-dry.