Orpington Liberal Club Membership Subscriptions

Membership subscriptions become due on the 1st April each year, and may be paid by bank transfer or card over the bar. You will normally receive an email each year with the current subscription rates and bank details.

The membership card consists of two separate parts in a black wallet. The first part is your actual membership card:

This part has your name and address, and would normally only be replaced if your address changed.

The second part is the Affiliation Record, which is updated each time your subscription is

When this part becomes full, the bar steward will replace it with a new one.

If you do not have your card with you when you renew your subscription, or if you renewed by bank transfer, please ask the bar steward to update your card the next time you are at the club.

We reserve the right to charge for lost/replacement membership cards and wallets.

Members should be aware of the club constitution; this is available to read in the bar, or you can view/download it Here

If you have any questions about membership subscriptions, please send us a message using this form:

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