The Fone-a-Friend Quiz 2 – 26th April 2020

The object of this quiz is to co-operate with others to complete the quizzes. There is no entry fee, no prizes, and you can cheat as much as you like – but you won’t get the best out of each quiz if you do that. Much better to phone a friend!

The chain round.

The last letter of each answer provides the first letter of the next answer. The first answer begins with a “Y”

  1. A country with disputed capital – Aden or Sana’a
  2. The Roman god of the sea
  3. To which island was Napoleon exiled in 1814?
  4. “19” and “21” are albums by which singer?
  5. What was Linda McCartney’s maiden name?
  6. Which US state has Lincoln as its capital?
  7. A South American country whose last letter is the same as its first
  8. Who was the first murder victim in the Bible?
  9. Name of a strong smelling Belgian cheese
  10. Where Joan of Arc died

The last letter of the chain is an “N”.

The list round

Including the current incumbent, who were the last ten leaders of the Labour Party (excluding temporary leaders).