The Fone-a-Friend Quiz 1 – 16th April 2020

The object of this quiz is to co-operate with others to complete the quizzes. There is no entry fee, no prizes, and you can cheat as much as you like – but you won’t get the best out of each quiz if you do that. Much better to phone a friend!

The chain round.

The last letter of each answer provides the first letter of the next answer. The first answer begins with a “T”

  1. A language spoken mainly in South India and Sri Lanka
  2. By what stage name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better known? (Two words)
  3. Which first name was shared by the author Chekhov and the composer Bruckner?
  4. Which country has Abuja as its capital?
  5. What chemical element has the symbol Sb?
  6. Who was the first President of Russia, 1991-1999 (surname only)
  7. Which Alfred Hitchcock film climaxes at Mount Rushmore? (Three words)
  8. On which river does Rome stand?
  9. Both a weapon from Cluedo and a Beatles album
  10. Which river forms a natural boundary between part of the USA and Mexico? (two words)

The last letter of the chain is an “E”.

The list round

There are about (!) 26 Roman Catholic cathedrals in England and Wales (depending on definition). I have put all the slightly dubious ones in their place in the alphabet. Your challenge is to list the others (not necessarily alphabetically, but that would help).

  1. Aldershot
  2. Cardiff St Davids
  3. London (Ukrainian)
  4. Preston
  5. Walsingham