The Fone-a-Friend Quizzes

The object of this quiz is to co-operate with others to complete the quizzes. There is no entry fee, no prizes, and you can cheat as much as you like – but you won’t get the best out of each quiz if you do that. Much better to phone a friend!

I hope to arrange one quiz per week, and post the answers the following week. The quizzes will typically comprise two out of the following list:

  • A chain round, in which the answer to one question contains a clue to the next.
  • A list round, in which the quizzer has to list as many as possible of a category (e.g. counties of England).
  • A top ten round, in which the quizzer has to list ten consecutive items (e.g. first ten Old Testament books).
  • An anagram round.
  • A decade round, matching events to years over a given decade.
  • A “how old” round, giving the ages of well-known live people.

The Quizzes:

All quizzes set by John Loosemore.