Complete Beer and Cider Festival list now online

It is important that people book their tickets in advance. This can be done by going to the festival webpage on our website here.

Marvellous Maple Mild
Popular with all who try it, this delicate dark brown mild has just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish. (Brentwood, Essex. Locale)
Gardenia Mild
Kissingate are launching their 2013 recipe Gardenia Mild at the festival. 
A mid amber mild with Rosemary and Rose petals added to the cask to give a floral and unique flavour. (Horsham, West Sussex)
Traditional English  bitters and IPAs
A Head in a Hat
Dinner Ale from 1923. You may well have never heard of a Dinner Ale. They are, after all, extinct. So what were they? Well the clue is in the name. They were lowish gravity beers designed to be drunk around the domestic table during the family meal. This recipe comes from tthe original Camden Brewery. (Herne Hill. Locale)
Orpington Buff Bitter

A classic english taste and aroma provided by Kent grown Golding hops, and a hint of citrus from Kent grown Challenger hops.
Our 100th real ale of 2012. House Bitter in The Crown, Otford (as Three in a Bed) and The Plough, Langley (as Plough Bitter). (Tonbridge, Kent. Locale)

Old Dairy
Red Top
A traditional English Ale but with a more relaxed taste. It is brewed using a combination of Maris Otter, Crystal and Brown Malt, with Challenger, East Kent Golding and Cascade hops. The result in a rich tan coloured beer, that is balanced on the palate,with a hint of citrus aroma. It shows all the characteristics of best English bitter. (Cranbrook, Kent)
Westerham Spirit of Kent
Launched in 2012, the first new permanent Westerham beer for 4 years, we had the first cask in Bromley. Spirit of Kent celebrates the Kent Spitfire, a Mark IX Spitfire housed at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. Hopped with 9 different types of Kent bred and Kent grown hops in a total of 9 separate additions. (Crockham Hill, Kent. Locale)
Clarence & Frederick’s Best Bitter
A balanced aroma from three hops and four malt varieties. Brewed without the stalwart of crystal malt to create a unique sharp bitterness which develops into a spicy bitter aftertaste. (Croydon, Locale)
Old Dairy
Copper Top
A rich dark bitter that has a chewy toffee caramel body with chocolate undertones from the crystal and chocolate malts. A fruity bite from the Bramling Cross hops provides balance to this very drinkable ale. (Cranbrook, Kent)
Hop Fuzz
The Veteran
An English IPA, a Golden coloured traditional tasting ale, lifting its flavour from the East Kent Golding’s hops that go into it. A well balanced beer that leaves a smooth mouth feel and pleasant malt taste. (Hythe, Kent)
Golden beers
Clarence & Frederick’s
Golden Ale
Golden hoppy session beer. Bittered with German and American hops with more American hops for aroma. (Croydon. Locale)
Cronx Kotchin
Blonde ale brewed with cascade hops give a passionfruit and peach aroma. (Croydon. Locale)
Canterbury Foundry
Foundryman’s Gold
Hops: Magnum and Citra. A golden ale with strong aromas of citrus and elderflower with a subtle, lingering bitterness. (Canterbury, Kent)
Maris Otter Pale Ale with Caragold malts. Complex late hop additions gives citrus fruit flavours leading to a smooth and refreshing palate. (Notting Hill. Locale)
Westerham Progress Single Hop
Progress was bred in the 1960s as a wilt resistant Fuggle replacement. It does not have the earthy notes of Fuggles but a honey sweet smooth bitterness. Quadruple hopped. (Crockham Hill, Kent. Locale)
Kentish Gold
The only beer returning from our May festival, when it was the most talked about beer. A Golden Ale with a full chewy malt flavour and balanced with strong fruity English hops. The finish is clean, long and dry. (South Darenth, Kent. Locale)
Golden pale ale with flavours of biscuit malt balancing a long fruit hop. Winner of the Dover Winter Beer Festival – Feb 2010 Bronze Medal at the SIBA South East Regional Championship – July 2010 & 2011 (Canterbury, Kent)
Kissingate First Kiss
A very smooth amber beer. A careful infusion of Challenger hops and bay produce a citrus aroma. Deep and complex malt flavours and a lasting biscuit aftertaste. You’ll cherish the memory of this beautifully crafted ale. (Horsham, West Sussex)
American IPA
American IPA
A deep citrus bitterness, a fragrant citrus and floral aroma and lovely biscuit background flavours. Brewed using a Californian yeast strain, Pale Ale, Munich and Crystal malts, malted wheat and a blend of five American hops – Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial and Willamette. (Southwold, Suffolk)
American Brown Ales
Kent Brewery
Altered States
A new American Brown Ale launched last week, with hops, hops, malt and hops. (West Malling, Kent. Locale)
No4 American Brown Ale
New brewer. New beer. First batch!
This hoppy, mahogany-coloured beer, #4 uses primarily American hops for a generous citrus hit and blends it with the rich, caramel tones of dark malt.
Black IPAs
Canterbury Ales
Black IPA
A hoppy, zesty dark India Pale Ale. Racked by the brewer in November and he has a cask tucked in a corner maturing for us (probably a touch over 5.0% by the time we get it)… (Canterbury, Kent)
Late Kniights
Hairy Dog Black IPA
Coffee and Chocolate hints, but the big punch of a cracking IPA. Brewed by Late knights of Penge, unfortunately because of the recent snow the new brewery wasn’t completed in time to brew this locally, but it is a taste of what is to come.
Puddledock Porter
A traditional dark brown winter ale brewed with Crystal and Chocolate Malts, hopped with Kent Northdown, Bramling Cross and Goldings hops for flavour and aroma. (Crockham Hill, Kent. Locale)
Mad-Ass Entire Chilli Porter
Cronx’s dark robust porter spiced up with Naga Chillis for a warming kick and Chipotle Chillis for a slight smokiness. (Croydon. Locale)
Pudding Stout
A touch of oatmeal giving a dark and smooth silkiness. Also added are some coffee and vanilla essence providing this beer with an after dinner taste and rich aroma. (Bexhill, East Sussex)
Adnams Oyster Stout
Based on a traditional porter, it is a rich, nutty, mouth filling classic stout. Made from East Anglian Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Chocolate malt, roasted barley and English hops. (Southwold. Suffolk)
Gadd’s Ramsgate Brewery
Oatmeal Stout
Natural crushed oats, just like your Granny uses in porridge, help to create this deliciously smooth and flavourful dark ale. There’s a rich, luxurious chocolate maltiness perfectly balanced by a robust Fuggle hop bitterness in this warming brew. (Ramsgate, Kent)
Ben Crossman Farmhouse Medium Dry Cider - 20L Bag in a Box Ben Crossman Farmhouse Medium Dry
This traditional farmhouse medium dry cider has a fruity start and slightly dry finish. Its naturally fermented, unfiltered and smooth tasting. (Somerset)
Big Tree Walking Gingerly
Deriving from Mr Big Tree’s love of all things ginger, with its fiery after taste, this little beasty will warm the coldest of throats. Originally created as a winter drink, we’ve been delighted to be consistently informed that Walking Gingerly goes down well at any time of the year. A true original.. (Hartley, Kent. Local)
JanetsJungleJuice.jpg Westcroft Janet’s Jungle Juice
Only traditional varieties of Somerset cider apples like Kingston Black, Brown Snout, Sheep’s Nose and Yarlington Mill sre used. In 2007 West Croft Janet’s Jungle Juice was voted Champion Cider of Great Britain by CAMRA at the Great British Beer Festival (from a blind tasting of over 150 ciders). In 2008 JJJ was runner up for the same award. JJJ had also been Champion Cider in 1997. No other cider has been been so successful. (Somerset)

Bromley Camra

Great beers on for Bromley Camra Committee meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night. We’ve got Portobello Pale 4.0%, Maris Otter Pale Ale with Caragold malts at £2.60. By the Horns Hopslinger Red Rye single hop 5.0% £2.90 and the end of a cask of Gadd’s Ramsgate Dogbolter porter 5.6% £2.90 which will be replaced with Brentwood Chockwork Orange 6.5% chocolate old ale made with oranges £3.00.

Orpington Friday Folk tonight – Martin Young

Orpington Friday Folk guest night in the hall tonight features Martin Young.

An English folk singer with his roots firmly in the tradition. He is also a songwriter who’s songs are being performed by Leith Kendrick and Martin Wyndham–Read among others.

Describes himself as ‘The Complete folk entertainer’ His talents include folk singer, songwriter, guitarist, barn dance caller and workshop leader.

Entry to the hall is £7, including a strip of raffle tickets.