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Welcome to a fresh, hot off the press Ale Mail.

For those of you who missed last week’s festival, the News Shopper carried a short report:

Orpington’s Beer and Cider festival had more than 30 real ales and ciders on offer

For all of you who enjoyed last week’s festival we’ve got some delights you will recognise. As always we carefully sealed some casks to finish later (after testing them). So on the beers front we’ve got:

Festival Pale 4.1% £2.00 A blend of hoppy pale ale cask ends decanted into one cask until there was no air in it and then sealed. It tastes great. It includes (all unfined) Bexley Golden Acre, Wild Beer Bibble, Brixton Reliance Pale. Hazy hopiness.

Pitfield Shoreditch Stout 4.0% £2.40 Roast aroma. Roast flavour with coffee and chocolate. Heavy rich malts. Essex.

Canopy Brockwell IPA 5.9% £2.40 Hoppy, heady, easily drinkable pale ale. Using Cascade and Citra hops and British Maris Otter malts. Herne Hill. LocAle.

Hastings Handmade 23 American Stout  6.0% £2.40 A twist on Hastings Brewery’s recently launched extra black stout. Sussex. Very limited quantities.

Kissingate Undertaker’s Varnish 7.0% £2.40 A strong dark trappist style ruby ale. Very smooth and drinkable despite the strength. Fruity berry flavours from the hops give this beer a dangerous drinkability. Sussex. Very limited quantities.

There will be some other festival beers making appearances over the weekend, plus a session bitter.

Next week we will have a whole new exciting list for you. Probably featuring beers from Wold Top, Siren, more Bexley Golden Acre (fined this time) and more Moncada.

On the cider and perry front we have (all £3.00):

Window sticker v003 outlineDorset Nectar. Dorset. Organic Artisan. Award winning traditional cider from a Soil Association approved organic orchard with 3000 cider apple trees and 11 varieties. 5.5%

Harry’s Cider. Somerset. Made on Harry’s farm with 100% cider fruit blended together to give a distinctive refreshing taste with heaps of flavour and aroma. 6.0%

Orchards of Husthwaite Cooperative. Yorkshire. Galtres Gold – Medium. Traditional. 6.5%.

Orchards of Husthwaite Cooperative. Yorkshire. Galtres Blush – Medium with strawberry, raspberry and cherry. 6.5%

Duddas Tun Pine Trees Farm. Kent. Pear O’Dudda’s Perry. A medium to medium sweet perry made with a blend of pear varieties. 5.5%

Tutts Clump. Berkshire. Perry. Medium dry unfiltered fermented pear juice. 6.0%

Gyle 59 bottles available from Monday – off sales only.

From Monday, at £2.50 for 500ml, we will have a small range of Gyle 59 bottles available for off sales only. We have 6 bottles each of:

Toujours Saison 4.0%, Starstruck Star Anise Porter 6.6%, Green Hop Wheat 4.8%, Elderbeery Stout 7.0%, and Nettle IPA 4.8%. You can read about all but the Nettle IPA here


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