Possibly the best beer we’ve ever served



First the bad news

No more £2.40 a pint

We have been struggling to buy beers under 4% in the lower end of the purchase price range we had set. So we’ve had to make a change. From now on, all real ale under 5% will be £2.70 a pint, and all real ale at 5% or higher is £3.00 a pint. £2.70 is 10p more than we charged 8 years ago for Greene King IPA!

As a write this I am nearly two hours into my birthday, and there is no way I was not putting my favourite UK brewed beer this weekend.

So on the bar we have Siren Liquid Mistress. A 5.8% Red IPA. Californian style. Malty, hoppy, everything but the kitchen sink in this quite marvellous beer (well in my opinion…) Brewed in Berkshire and only £3.00 a pint (I’ve paid double that for it!)

The brewers description: A 5.8% west coast bright red ale: burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus. Liquid Mistress is our femme fatale – mysterious, seductive and disarming. She draws and charms drinkers with her full, red colours. You will soon desire her biscuit-and-burnt-raisin malt base, and peach and grapefruit spark. Her devious hop hit will steal your breath.

We’ve got some other great real ales on for those with differing tastes to me…

Westerham Summer Perle. 3.8%. This golden ale is dry hopped with Hallertauer Perle hops which impart a spicy and refreshing finish to this summer ale. Locale. £2.70

Hackney New Zealand Pale. 4.5%. Not the same as the one last year. Hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Locale. £2.70.

Burton Bridge Top Dog Stout. 5.0%.  Colour: Black. Nose: Strong Chocolate malt. Taste: Malty with full-bodied rounded bitterness. Hops: Challenger. Malt: Pale & Chocolate. Staffordshire. £3.00.

Coming next:

Franklins Pale 4.0% Britain meets America in this flavour packed Pale ale. Franklins have used their  favourite ingredients from both countries to produce a hop forward pale ale bursting with flavour and aroma. Hops: Mosaic, Cascade, Challenger. Sussex. £2.70

Hackney Best Bitter 4.4% A traditional ale inspired by the British classic. Locale. £2.70.

Adnams/Magic Rock The Herbalist 4.8% A collaboration beer brewed in Southwold by Fergus Fitzgerald of Adnams and Stuart Ross of Magic Rock. A homage to Saison du Buff (a three way collaboration beer brewed by Dogfish Head, Stone and Victory breweries) this beer has plenty of complex, spicy flavours from the use of Saison yeast, which are balanced by bags of citrus and tropical fruit aromas from the bold New World hops. To back up these fruity flavours, and because it seemed like fun, they’ve added pineapple sage (a herb much-loved by North American hummingbirds) and pineapple weed (otherwise known as false chamomile), both of which add even more fruity flavours to this bold beer. Style: Saison ABV: 4.8 Colour: Golden IBU: 30 Malts: Pale Ale Hops: Galaxy, Citra Adjuncts: Lemon verbena, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, pineapple weed. Suffolk. £2.70

Firebrand Black Saison 5.0% This beer combines great British and Belgian beer heritages to make a beer that takes elements from British stouts and Belgian farmhouse saisons. Dark and full of roasted malt flavours, with a smoothness from the high wheat content, delicately hopped with European hops adding a hint of floral hop, and then fermented with a saison yeast filling the beer with complex funky fruity flavour that complement the rich malt notes. Cornwall. £3.00


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